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Good eye care is an essential part of maintaining good eyesight. As many vision conditions and eye diseases have no obvious symptoms, it’s crucial to receive an early diagnosis and treatment. Having an annual eye exam is an important part of preventive health care. EYESPOT offers customized eye exams and contact lens fitting to fit your specific needs. We provide exceptional eye care, eye exams & the Ultimate Eye Scans to our customers in Newton, Brookline, Wellesley, Needham, Allston, Boston & Chestnut Hill.

Diabetic patients should have an EYESPOT Ultimate Eye Scan or a Comprehensive Eye Exam at least once a year to detect early changes of diabetic retinopathy. The EYESPOT Ultimate Eye Scan & Exam report automatically sent to the patient and their primary care doctor is fully compliant with the Diabetes Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS).

EYESPOT Ultimate Eye Scan

The EYESPOT Ultimate Eye Scan is a advance ocular imaging and diagnostic technology that comprehensively assesses a patient’s vision and complete ocular anatomy and physiology with an easy examination process.  This comprehensive, 15 minute, on-demand retinal imaging scan and exam exceeds state-of-the-art for routine diabetic retinal screenings.  EYESPOT Ultimate Eye Scan provides testing of: vision, intraocular pressure, optic nerve and retinal scanning. The results are interpreted by our doctors to create a personalized EYESPOT Ultimate Eye Scan report that is sent to each patient and primary care provider.

The EYESPOT Ultimate Eye Scan is appropriate for anyone without a known eye disease who has had a comprehensive eye examination with dilated retinal exam by an optometrist or ophthalmologist within the past 5 years (if under 40 years of age), past 3 years (if 41-64 years of age), and past 2 years (if older than 65 years of age).

Contact Lens Exam

EYESPOT specializes in contact lens exam and fitting. Using specialized diagnostic equipment that measures the surface of the cornea, we can maximize the chances that you have the clearest vision and best contact lens experience possible. We specialize in high quality contact lenses, soft contact lenses, gas permeable contact lenses, bifocal contact lenses, and even color contact lenses. Once you are fitted with a comfortable contact lens, you can then order your lenses on-line.

Comprehensive Eye Exam

This thorough eye exam is performed by our residency-trained optometrist. EYESPOT eye exams also include evaluation and fitting of contact lenses for those who wear or desire contacts.  We specialize in daily wear gas permeable contact lenses, as well as monovision, toric and bifocal contact lenses.

The comprehensive eye exam assesses your eye health using a wide variety of procedures:

  • Visual acuity
  • Refraction
  • Confrontational visual fields
  • External examination
  • Pupil function
  • Ocular alignment and mobility
  • Slit-lamp examination
  • Intraocular pressure measurement
  • Fundus examination
  • Retinal examination

The procedure also involves a complete retinal exam, blurring vision for up to several hours, so please bring sunglasses and/or be prepared to have someone bring you home after having your eyes dilated.

Additional Specialized Eye Testing

Supplemental tests may be performed to assess your vision, including peripheral awareness, depth perception, focusing, color vision, and tear duct obstruction.

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EYESPOT is the Art & Science of Seeing.  We provide exceptional eye care, eye exams & the Ultimate Eye Scans to our customers in Newton, Brookline, Wellesley, Needham, Allston, Boston & Chestnut Hill.

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